Our range of control systems includes the Qualite ReQuest Unit and Qualite Control Cabinet (QCC).  We’ll help you choose the best system to meet your needs.

Qualite ReQuest Unit

ReQuest is a versatile remote wireless management system developed to schedule and control facility lighting, locks and gates remotely.   Having a wireless WEB based system helps facility & athletic activity coordinators easily meld athletic activity to schedule lighting and facility access seamlessly and have a tool to help manage operations.  Energy, maintenance or other costs associated with operation of athletic facilities can be reduced from streamlining scheduling and minimize having extra personnel do simple On/Off operations or secure locks and gates.

The ReQuest System sends and receives information with controllers located at multiple sites of city and county parks or campuses to set your schedules and monitor use or performance at all your fields, courts, pavilions and many types of facilities.  Once installed, on-the-spot changes or overrides can be done from any phone or WEB access point.

Qualite Control Cabinet

Control individual poles or an entire sports complex with QCC. Qualite’s factory built cabinet meets specific sports lighting requirements while offering the flexibility to switch on a single field or multi-field complex.

UL listed, QCC utilizes only listed or recognized components. Constructed by a UL listed panel builder, QCC’s rugged NEMA 4 enclosure seals out contaminants and protects all electrical components to make the cabinet suitable for mounting inside or out.

Keyed or keyless standard selector switches offers manual controls. Push button switches are also available.
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