When your venue calls for offsite spill lighting control and high light level applications

The optics on the International Series are different than any other fixture available today. The total efficiencies and spill control were and still are unbeatable. The International Series uses a long life double ended 1500 watt or 2000 watt lamp mounted horizontally, completely eliminating tilt factor.

Standard Features:

  • Delivers the smoothest, most controlled light on your field without spill onto homes and streets in the surrounding area
  • Utilizes the latest in double-ended metal halide lamp technology and a unique reflector design
  • Creates a ring of focal points, spreading the light source evenly as it exits the reflector
  • Combines an inner parabolic reflector and cross-axis double ended lamp, providing an extremely smooth asymmetric oval beam pattern
  • Up to 20% more efficient than any other conventional outdoor sports light available

Download the International Series brochure or International Series Technical Guide.

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