A Significant Layer of State-of-the-Art Energy Efficiency for Qualite Sports Lighting Systems

Qualite’s newest technology, GreenStar employs electronic ballast technology to achieve continuous light levels without the need for time powered adjustments or future power increases.

The advanced control system provides you with all the information needed to truly manage your system at optimal light and energy levels.

How GreenStar Saves You Energy and Money

  • Fewer fixtures and lower kilowatt consumption with twice the lamp life reduces maintenance and saves energy and money through reduced electricity use.
  • GreenStar’s dimmable option allows you to control the settings and the amount of light and energy you want to use.
  • GreenStar’s ballast has none of the noise or ballast hum that all other remote ballast systems generate.
  • Advanced controls achieve optimal energy savings and total cost of ownership.
  • Control system provides data on total energy usage as well as consumption on individual fixture basis.
  • Provides information needed to manage your system at optimal light and energy levels.
  • System software makes it possible to monitor and access every local park and fields where GreenStar controls are installed.

User-Friendly, Robust Dashboard Keeps You in Control

  • GreenStar’s dashboard offers detailed overview of lighting network, ballast settings, lamp performance, lamp failures, energy consumption and more, to help get the most value out of the system.
  • Operator can make adjustments remotely based on insights gained from the dashboard to reduce manpower required to manage multiple lighting systems within your network.

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